Sunday, September 27, 2009

His father's son

Wil is the image of his father in so many ways. He looks just like Chris at that age, he's a very picky eater (but hey, at least he's eating now!) And today he followed the footsteps of dad, only at a much younger age, in another adventure:

He went searching for presents.

While I was putting away the boys' laundry, Wil decided to explore in our closet, which he is not supposed to go in. And he found a guitar that was supposed to be a Christmas present but will now be a birthday present. He was so proud of himself, bringing it to me proclaiming, "Look! My guitar!"

After being reprimanded for that, a little later, while I was downstairs starting a load of laundry, he decided to explore our closet more, looking for more presents since he discovered my (now former) hiding place. He was pulling things out, although luckily didn't find the rest of the loot as it was above his reach.

Needless to say, I had to find a new hiding place after he went to bed, and our door was closed until then to keep him from exploring more.

He's not quite 3! Isn't this supposed to start when he's older? Chris doesn't remember looking for presents until he was around middle school age. He was also sneakier, opening boxes, playing with the toys, then repackaging them. His mom didn't know until a few years ago when he was telling a story at Christmas dinner.

I guess I should be pleased that Wil didn't try to hide it and immediately brought his find to me. But there aren't that many places to hide things in this house! And I'm not going to do all my shopping on Christmas Eve just to keep him from finding stuff.

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