Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tired of poop

It's been a long week.

We got two new kittens last Wednesday, Dinah and Cole. The other cats have been a bit upset, although they will eventually adjust. But, the new kittens have created some clean-up around the house. We're not completely sure if it was the kittens, the older cats, or a combination, but we woke up Thursday morning so a steaming pile in the hallway. Then Sam's bed became the alternate litter box Friday morning. I think we've discovered at least part of the problem: I caught Roarke, our alpha, guarding the stairs to the den so the kittens couldn't get to the basement and the little box. So, we're working on making it easy for them to go and keeping bedroom doors closed for a while so they can't leave messes on beds.

Friday Sam woke us up at 4 am throwing up. He only threw up once more, after lunch, but he definitely didn't feel good and was clingy and cuddly all day. He did have a low-grade fever in the evening.

Sunday, Chris woke up with a stomach bug. Sunday was a very bad day, because stomach viruses are "fast and furious". He had to take yesterday off work and class and is just starting to feel hungry and eat again.  At least he's able to clean up after himself, because I was getting really tired of cleaning up poop and puke.

So, it's been a rough week. Chris still has a major project at work this week. Next week will hopefully be better.

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