Saturday, October 17, 2009


We saw Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles last night. Excellent show! Considering we were born after the Beatles broke up and two members are gone, this is as close as either of us will ever get to seeing them in concert - and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I think the costume changes to illustrate the eras was a wonderful visual cue to the attitudes of the time. There were also 3 projection screens which showed scenes from the original Beatles concerts/shows, RAIN re-enacting famous pictures, or other graphics during the music. Between sections, the screens showed scenes of the time while playing contemporary music (early rock 'n' roll, Buddy Holly, etc, leading up to the Ed Sullivan Show segment at the beginning; Summer of Love, protests, Jimmy Hendricks leading into the Abbey Road era). It was a nice way to transition time and set the scene, making the music more relevant. It's amazing what a good job of re-posing pictures they did, inserting RAIN. Some were hard to tell the difference.

This really was much more than a standard impersonation - Chris and I decided after the show that it was much more like a re-enactment. Awesome, awesome show. Yes, there were songs they didn't do, but they hit most of the important ones and there just wasn't time for everything. Our incomplete Beatles library is almost 10 hours of music.

What a great show for homecoming weekend!

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