Thursday, October 8, 2009

Walk on by....

I thought I would catalog some of the places I walk in town, double stroller and all:

To the post office (.6 miles from home)
To Barnes & Noble (~1.2 miles from home)
To the mall (I don't know that I've tracked this, but I guess ~1.5 miles)
To Marsh (~1 mile from home)
To campus (2-3 miles, depending on where on campus, from home)
To Eastland Plaza (I haven't tracked this, but my guess is ~1.8 miles)
To the park (~.5 mile from home) and often on to Bruster's (.7 miles)
Past Eastland Plaza to the credit union (not sure, but maybe 2 miles)

I've also been known to take the bus downtown and walk to the farmer's market, the library, or other destinations, usually only a few blocks from a bus stop.

Some of the walks we've taken include the B-Line Trail, a campus woodland tour (we need to do the campus limestone tour in the spring), downtown historic tour of the square, and laps in College Mall.

People always think I'm crazy, but this is how I get exercise. And if I can get somewhere without taking the car, it saves on gas.

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