Sunday, May 21, 2017

Home project: recovering chairs

Our dining room chairs have been in sad shape for a while. They're 21 years old, the padding was not so padded anymore, and the fabric was wearing thin.

Dining room chair.
Sadly in need of a refresh.
We found a nice YouTube video showing how to properly recover a chair.

We found some upholstery fabric, 2" foam for padding, and batting. Then we got started.

  • We cut the foam to the size of the seats.
  • We cut the batting to just slightly bigger than the size of the foam.
  • I cut the new fabric using the a piece of the old fabric as a pattern.

Removing staples from the chair seat to remove the old cover.
Removing the old cushion cover and padding.
 There were a lot of staples.
Chair seat with new fabric being stapled on.
The new cover.
The results are well worth the couple of hours of work. When we sat down to dinner tonight, Chris commented that we should have done this years ago. It's amazing what a difference fresh padding makes. And the chairs look so much better!

Dining room chair with new padding and cover.