Sunday, September 13, 2009

An apple a day

I took the boys to ApplAcres in Bedford yesterday. They really enjoyed picking apples off the trees. I only let them pick a few, but they had fun walking around the trees.
We also picked up a few things in the store - cider, apple butter, pumpkin butter, cheese. There were free popcorn and cider samples, plus a free apple for the kids (Sam had one, Wil didn't). It was a nice way to spend an hour.
Afterward, we stopped at the Big Lots parking lot in Bedford for a petting zoo that was there for a few days. Wil liked petting the goats and llamas and was fascinated by the ponies, although I didn't pay for a pony ride. There were also: a tiger, 2 capuchin monkeys, a python, a kangaroo, and a few more.
To finish off, I treated the boys to lunch at the McDonald's across the street since it was lunch time, almost an hour home, and I only had $6. I think they both had fun and we'll have to take Chris there sometime.

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