Friday, September 4, 2009

KISS for the food bank

One of the things I really like is when the local grocery stores have prepackaged bags ($3, $5 $10) for the food bank that you can pick up as you check out and drop in a bin on the way out. It makes it very easy to donate food and the food bank gets stuff they actually need.
Kroger usually has the bags on display around the holidays but I commented during our tour Tuesday that I really liked it because it made it super easy to donate. I don't know if my comments, made to the secretary to the manager, are the reason, but when I went to the store today, there was a display! I made sure to pick up a $3 bag (I go to the store at least twice a week, so if I get a small bag each time, the boys see us doing it and it doesn't break our budget.)
Here's the thing: having the food prepackaged and a collection bin at the store makes it simple to donate (you don't have to pick up extra stuff, hoping what you get is needed, then keep it separate as you check out or put it aside when you get home, then get it to the food bank, which is not in the most convenient location.) I understand why they wouldn't want to always have them out - people would get used to seeing them and not pay attention. But especially when the food bank is in desperate need it is such a no brainer! Having 3 or 4 food drives a year would really help.
Kroger does donate daily to the food bank as a company, per our tour guide Tuesday. I believe it. There is stuff they can't legally sell that has to be destroyed. But there is also a lot of food that is still good but won't sell. It's a good way to get rid of it since they don't need to pay for it to be trashed and it's good p.r.
So, kudos to Kroger for putting the bags and collection bins out again.

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