Tuesday, September 1, 2009


One of my moms groups has started setting up tours at various companies. It's a lot of fun to see behind the scenes. So far we have toured Fazoli's (August) and Kroger (September). One thing these tours share is food!
Fazoli's was neat. We saw the big vats where they cook the pasta and the kids got to walk into the freezer. We saw the prep areas, too. But the kids really enjoyed trying on the headset for the drive-thru and talking on it. Since the restaurant wasn't open, they got to pretend to take an order. And we saw how the thingys work that light up when your order is ready. And we all got a slice of pizza.
There was much eating today at Kroger. I'm sad Wil missed it because he would have enjoyed it, but he was at school. Sam, who loves to eat, really had a good time. We toured the freezer and dairy cooler, the loading dock (and a semi), the general store room. Then the food started. We stopped at the meat/fish counter and the kids got to see sea food - including a prawn since the lobsters weren't in yet. No, nothing to eat there. But our next stop was the bakery where the kids each got to decorate a cookie to eat. And then we saw them make tortillas and each got a tortilla fresh from the oven. Oh, and a bit of cheese from the cheese/olive bar. And some chips from the chippery. The chips weren't fresh made, but they showed us the machine that makes them. They made a special veggie only sushi roll at the sushi bar for the kids to try. I even had a taste of the crab roll. After a quick stop in produce where our guide picked up a bottle of juice, we stopped at the Dunkin Donuts where the kids each got to choose a munchkin (Sam had cinnamon). We ate the doughnuts and drank the juice in the lounge - which is really nice with some chairs and tables, but also couches and a flat screen tv.
I can't wait to see what next month's tour will be!

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  1. Next month's tours have been posted - Musgrave Orchard and Hunter's Honey Farm. They both sound fun and Wil will even be able to go to the honey farm.


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