Sunday, January 11, 2009


Companies I am not happy with right now:
1) Comcast. Rate on limited basic service went up $3 for 4 fewer stations. After wrangling with AT&T (see below), we ended up upgrading to regular basic service for a bunch more, but at least we'll have some stations like Sci-Fi and Disney. Going digital? Not worth the extra expense for what we would get. 2nd rate hike in 1 year since they took over this area from Insight.
2) AT&T. They told us we could get U-verse, which was a great deal and would solve some of our internet problems as well. After 4 hours of the techs working to set us up and checking the lines? We're 3 poles short. They got my hopes up then dashed them away.
Satellite is not a great option for us due to our southern neighbors' large trees. Yeah, more than one cable company exists, but only one in the area. I didn't choose Comcast; I was given Comcast.

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