Thursday, January 22, 2009

More preschools

We toured PDO this morning. Wil really liked it and I had to drag him away. The teachers were really nice, the environment was great. Definite bonus points for flexible schedule and not requiring parent volunteers. Too bad we are ~40 on the waitlist. Hopefully some of those people will get in somewhere else and decide not to take a spot. 
I need to discuss with Chris, but I think I will limit my search for now to just PDO and St. Mark's. If he doesn't get in right away in the fall, it saves a little money and he won't be 3 until November anyway. If he gets into St. Mark's, we can start there, then move to PDO if there is an opening. I just hate to keep searching when we've found some affordable, high quality choices. A lot of other options are either really expensive (all the IU options), not as highly rated, and/or possibly scary.

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