Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long days ahead

This is the start of some long days for the next couple weeks. Chris is working as a gaffer on a movie filming locally, so he is busy with meetings today (actually, the last couple weekends as well), then filming starts Saturday. 
While he'll undoubtedly have fun, 10 very long days of filming plus working, plus class, will be very wearing on all of us. The schedule for the weekends starts at 4 am, going until 10 pm Saturday and 6 pm, I think, on Sunday. He'll be getting up around 3 for the weekends and I think a few days during the week in between. 
I'm looking forward to the 8th when the movie should be done (I hope!). It's rough on all of us as it is with Chris working full-time, doing his photography, and in grad school. He's too busy and can get stressed. I don't get enough time off my 24/7 job taking care of the kids. Wil and Sam don't get much Daddy time.
My parents are coming to spend the Saturdays here (arriving late Friday), which will help immensely. Chris's parents will probably come down at least some of the time, but I'm not sure when (Debi had to check her work schedule.)

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