Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Preschool choices

I'm looking at preschool choices for Mr. Picky Toddler next year. So far, we are on 2 wait lists. Either way, I want 2 days each week, Tuesday and Thursday.
1) St. Mark's, which is a great program, highly recommended. 2.5 hours/day (9-11:30). The drawback? They require parents to volunteer in the classroom, which would be once or twice a month, depending on class size. While it seems like a small inconvenience, what do I do with Mr. Baby? Beg free child care from a friend or pay a babysitter. 
2) PDO at 1st United Methodist, which is slightly more expensive, but still very reasonable. Minimum 4 hours per day, although you don't have to leave your kid there (you just have to pay for 4 hours.) No sweat equity required. Once one child is enrolled, the second is cheaper when it comes time, at least while they are both enrolled.
So, I'm really hoping for PDO, which I will tour Thursday. I know moms with kids at both, so either would be ok.

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