Friday, January 30, 2009

Full house

We're going to have a full house this weekend. With Chris's filming schedule (which has changed due to 12+" of snow), my parents are arriving late tonight and staying until tomorrow evening while Chris's parents will come down from Indy tomorrow, probably around lunchtime. 
Turns out that call has been changed from 3 am in Gosport due to the snow, so it won't be as hectic this weekend and Chris will be able to take Wil to Tumble Weeds in the morning before call at 11 am. I dread finding out what the new schedule will be - an extra day somewhere to film in Gosport? We'll find out. 
It'll be fun to have the all the grandparents here. They will spoil the boys, of course, but I won't be sitting here alone (with the boys) all day, until late at night. It'll give me a bit of a break. Sunday will be long enough. My job is 24/7, so I need a little time off too or I burn out. 

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