Monday, February 8, 2010

They're playing our song

I entered a contest on the local (Bedford) oldies station, WQRK Super Oldies, called That's Our Song. The contest involved telling them what you and your significant other's song is and why. Last week and this week, they pick a daily winner who receives a gift certificate for a dozen roses from a local florist and is entered in the grand prize drawing for this Friday. And they read your submission and play your song.

And I won today! While it's exciting to win, I thought the story of our song was kind of fun so here goes.

Our song is "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate. When we met, I was living in the Chicago suburbs and Chris lived here in Bloomington. Living 4 hours apart, it was unlikely we would ever meet.... except we have a mutual friend who lives in West Lafayette. And we both went to her New Year's Eve party.

We dated long distance until we got married, so we spent a lot of time emailing and IMing. Yes, there were phone calls, but that's expensive. So while sitting at the computer, I would inevitably start humming "You Sexy Thing". While it works on the level of the title, there is a line in the song "I believe in miracles since you came along" which really sums things up for us.

So, that's the story of our slightly unusual song, which was played at our wedding. Now we just need to see if it wins us the grand prize (not sure what that is, but I'm sure it will be good.)

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  1. Too cute! Thanks for sharing. I'm sad to say that David and I don't really have a song. Maybe we will one day...who knows?


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