Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm actually happy that Scott Brown was sworn in as Massachusetts Senator today. It has nothing to do with party affiliation as I consider myself an Independent.

No, I may be in the minority, but the reason I am happy is because I don't think either party should have a filibuster-proof super-majority. Whichever party is in power should have to listen to the other party. There should be some consensus required to pass legislation. The last decade or so has seen party politics take an ugly turn to the point where politicians would rather vote against something just to throw a wrench in the other party's legislation than try to work out a compromise.

Like in a marriage, members of a legislative body need to compromise and give a little to gain a lot. While back room deals and pork bribes weigh down bills and laws, having to listen to the other guy should create better laws because more than one side is being considered.

Just remember, if you are mad because the Democrats lost their super-majority, next time the Republicans get 60 votes, they can do whatever they want. Turnabout is fair play and isn't it better to play nice to begin with? As we all should have learned as children, if you are nice when you are on top, you are less likely to be beaten up when you fall. Violent revolutions tend to overthrow repressive regimes, not permissive ones.

Really, there are good and bad arguments on both sides of the aisle. Maybe this will force them to cut the chaff so the wheat can rise to the top.


  1. I've written and deleted several comments. All were too inflamatory. Here's the nushell of my thoughts:

    The Republican party isn't interested in compromise or concensus.

    I'm not mad because Dems lost their supermajority. I'm mad because they squandered it trying to negotiate with Republicans who had no intention of doing anything but stall and stonewall.

    I'd agree with you whole-heartedly if I thought that compromise was possible. But it's not, so I just want the Republicans out of the way so we Americans can get some work done.

  2. Fair enough. My hope is that the parties will realize how ridiculous they are or that voters will get fed up and vote out the ones who are holding things up and maybe politics will change for the good.


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