Friday, December 11, 2009


We went to see Cirque Dreams Illumination tonight. Wow! Great show. Highlights included:

  • a slack wire walker who was awesome
  • cube aerialists, 4 contortionists from Mongolia who did a routine in spinning cubes above the stage (Chris says Mongolian contortionists are always good)
  • popper Robert Muraine (from "So You Think You Can Dance")
  • a vaudevillian director who took 4 audience members and 'directed' a scene without saying a word
  • foot manipulator brothers (also called icarian games)
  • a percussion juggler who played a drum set by juggling balls
  • the contortionists along with the popper, which was a neat juxtaposition of old and new styles of a similar art
  • a paint can stacker, who stacked rollers between paint cans then stood on top on a balance board (our thought - "that's never a good idea" - when he had paint can/roller/paint can/roller at 90/paint can/balance board, all on top of scaffolding, then stood on top)
  • a strap flyer, paired with a dancer - wow! very erotic routine
  • perch balancer/aerialist pair, which is an old-time art that is rarely seen these days
We are so glad we went to the show. Next time we need closer seats, but it was a packed house. 

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