Friday, December 11, 2009


This is the 100th post on this blog, so I thought I would try to post 100 things to smile about.

  1. The earth is still rotating around the sun.
  2. Babies are cute.
  3. Babies grow up.
  4. Cold weather kills bugs: notice mosquitos the size of dinner plates and malaria don't exist in Indiana.
  5. Snow is beautiful (until you have to drive in it.)
  6. Bloomington is a beautiful town.
  7. Netflix.
  8. Good friends who help us when we need it.
  9. There are garbage men who collect our trash.
  10. Polka bots, argyle and plaid, just not together.
  11. Steak 'n' Shake - steakburgers and shakes.
  12. Washable markers.
  13. Sidewalk chalk.
  14. Groundhogs in the backyard.
  15. The end of the semester.
  16. Hot chocolate.
  17. Elvis. 
  18. The Beatles.
  19. ABBA.
  20. Queen.
  21. Skype, email, Facebook to stay in touch.
  22. "Phineas and Ferb".
  23. Kittens.
  24. Puppies.
  25. Babysitters.
  26. Spending the day in pajamas just because.
  27. Pizza. Especially really good pizza.
  28. Old friends.
  29. New friends.
  30. Having no plans for the weekend.
  31. Going  to the zoo.
  32. Watching a child open a present.
  33. Tahiti.
  34. A cruise.
  35. Taking the long way home.
  36. Driving in the country.
  37. The mountains.
  38. Christmas morning.
  39. Making a snow man.
  40. "A Charlie Brown Christmas".
  41. The first warm day after a long winter.
  42. A perfect sunny Saturday.
  43. Finding $20 in your pocket.
  44. A massage.
  45. Hearing a child giggle.
  46. Wookies.
  47. Muppets.
  48. "Daddy fix."
  49. The students leave for break next week.
  50. Pixar.
  51. Indoor plumbing.
  52. Electricity.
  53. Cookies. 
  54. Ice cream., especially on a hot day.
  55. Homemade lasagna.
  56. Good neighbors.
  57. Families that get along.
  58. Curly hair.
  59. Not having to make dinner.
  60. Going to bed early.
  61. A good book.
  62. A cat purring on your lap.
  63. Luke is Leia's brother.
  64. Orion disappearing from the night sky.
  65. "The Philadelphia Story".
  66. "MythBusters".
  67. Sleeping in.
  68. A beautiful sunrise or sunset.
  69. Hearing a joyful "Mommy!" when picking up Wil from school.
  70. Getting the kids in bed early.
  71. Having the car in the garage on a cold, snowy day.
  72. Heated seats.
  73. Roasting marshmallows.
  74. Both kids napping at the same time.
  75. "I love you Mommy."
  76. Fitting into my skinny jeans.
  77. Date night!
  78. Finding Sam's blanket and bink.
  79. British comedies.
  80. Reruns of old shows on cable or the net.
  81. Listening to the boys play.
  82. Little kid voices.
  83. J. D. Robb books.
  84. A balanced checkbook.
  85. Old fashioned block parties.
  86. Game night.
  87. Chris coming home early.
  88. "10 Things I Hate About You".
  89. Christmas specials.
  90. Sunny evenings in summer.
  91. Chocolate.
  92. Going down a slide.
  93. Having kids is a great excuse to play.
  94. Great sci-fi shows.
  95. Harry Potter.
  96. A cozy roof over our heads.
  97. Snuggling in bed on a cold morning.
  98. Holidays with family.
  99. Taking a long walk.
  100. Chris.

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