Monday, June 29, 2009

Productive Sunday

Now that the weather has broken a bit (more normal rather than 90's and humid), we were able to get a bit of work done, including the long awaited play area for the boys. It isn't done, but finishing touches and expansion can happen as we go along.
Our garden is also doing well, with the exception of the rosemary, which I think is not getting enough sun. For next year, we need to make a second box so one is only tomatoes and the other can be for whatever else we want to grow. The box is extremely convenient and easy to manage, with very little weeding. Below are pictures of 1) some of the tomatoes, 2) the pepper plants flowering, 3) the basil, 4) my mystery plant, which turns out to be eggplant, and 5) the rosemary that is not doing so well.


  1. I see a hose connection in one of those pics. How is your watering setup?

  2. The hose is hooked up to a soaker hose that is buried around the outer edge around the box. It makes it really easy to water and keeps the water where it should be.

  3. Do you get enough water to the center of your box that way? (we have 4x4 boxes)

  4. Our box is only 2x4, so it works. If it were wider, I think we would need to loop it back up the middle.


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