Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Saturday morning conversation

"Mommy, E--- says My Little Pony is for girls."

Wil casually mentions this, about a little boy in his class, one of his friends, as he and Sam are playing with their My Little Ponies this morning. 

"I told him I like My Little Pony and he said it's for girls."

"Well, then he's missing a good show, isn't he?"

Chris joins in, "You can tell him your daddy likes My Little Pony too."

"But what if he says Daddy is a girl?"

My heart is prepared to break for Wil, but I wait.

"Daddy isn't worried about someone telling him he's a girl. He knows he's a boy and it's okay to like My Little Pony, even for boys."

"I know I'm a boy."

And he was okay. 

My Little Bronies with their Ponies.
I'm so glad he understood that he can like what he likes. He can be confident in himself and not worry about what someone else thinks, even when it's a friend. I'm sure we'll have this discussion, or similar ones, many times, but for today he understood. 

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