Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vegetables galore

We picked up our first box of vegetables from the CSA today. We bought a half share from Stranger's Hill Organics, which we will pick up each week through October. (There were still shares available a week ago, so call them if you want to try a local CSA.)

Our box
I love the idea of a CSA - what could be better than farm fresh, locally grown vegetables, in season? And these are organic, too.

Ooh! What did we get?
In practice, it will be interesting to see how this works. We're pretty set in the few vegetables we usually eat. I'm more adventurous than Chris and even I am not sure what to do with beets and radishes, which we received this week, or some of the other vegetables we will receive throughout the season.



Sage and oregano



Looks like lots of salads right now. And I can dry the herbs. Sam loves carrots, so he was thrilled to see those, even telling Ben, the CSA coordinator, how much he likes them. 

So let the experiment begin! Anyone have any idea what to do with beets?

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