Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy I love you more day

Today is Valentine's Day. Chris and I don't make a big deal out of this day. Really, if we want a day to celebrate our relationship, we'll pick our anniversary. It's much more meaningful.

Having one day to celebrate love sounds like a good idea, but what about the other 364 days (365 this year)? And shouldn't the day we celebrate love have a reason?

Maybe I'm jaded. Ok, I am, a little.

Do you remember in high school when the boosters club sold carnations that were delivered in class? So everyone could see just how loved (read: popular) someone was? And how the same few girls got flowers  in every class, while the rest of us looked on in envy?

Yeah, I didn't get any carnations. Even though anyone could send a carnation to anyone else, it was usually the boys sending them to their girlfriends and a few popular girls sending them to each other.

In high school, it was humiliating. No Valentine to send me flowers. Sigh.

Once out of high school, I noticed the same pattern unfolding: Valentine's Day has become a competition to see who loves whom the most. The sincere lovers tend to be quiet.

Go watch a few commercials pushing Valentine's Day gifts: buy her jewelry because you need to spend a fortune to prove your love and flowers aren't good enough! or you must buy roses to be delivered at work so all her coworkers can be jealous! or come have a romantic dinner with special foods, including all these aphrodisiacs because you must have the best sex of your life tonight!

What is with all this pressure? The day to day little things mean so much more than any grand gesture. At least to me. Love doesn't come in a box, even when the box if full of chocolates.

So if Valentine's Day makes you happy, have a wonderful day filled with heart-shaped presents. But remember that there are loads of us out here (and not just singles) who just don't care all that much. If someone doesn't have a date or big plans, if flowers don't get delivered, it's ok.

The best Valentine? Loving yourself.


  1. I like the post, Meagan. I like to use Valentine's Day to give my three little sweeties (i.e., kids) something special. It's the day I get credit instead of the Easter Bunny or Santa! ;) My husband and I don't get big gifts and don't usually go out on a date. I use Feb 14th as a reminder of our love, but I agree that we celebrate it on our anniversary. The card I got him this year is so true, and your blog reminded me of it: "Our life is filled with simple, ordinary days. Working hard, doing things around the house, raising a family. But somehow it all works out, and somehow you know just how to make our life together fun. They're just simple, ordinary days that keep our little world running - but I can't think of anything that could make me happier."

  2. It's not a surprise that I agree completely with Meg's sentiment. We show our love day in and day out by being happily married and doing small things for each other.

    Though the chocolates are nice... ;)

  3. Amen, sister. I appreciate my roses much more when they're delivered "just because". They're much more special that way.


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