Friday, January 27, 2012

I also have awesome friends

Yesterday I wrote about my awesome husband. Last night a group of my friends proved just how awesome they are.

I hosted the monthly book club for my moms group last night. About an hour before it was to start, Wil, who had seemed to skate through this last illness, complained he wasn't feeling good. No wonder, as he had developed a fever. Knowing Chris was capable of taking care of the boys, I went ahead with book club (the boys would be either downstairs or upstairs from where we were meeting).

Cue delightful book club wherein everyone talked about a book we all enjoyed and talk eventually turned to other topics.

And just as the first "I should get home" noises were being made, the sound of coughing (horrible sound from Wil; he had croup as a baby and his cough has always sounded a little "croupy" ever since) and crying started upstairs. Since I was closer, I went up to check just in time for Wil to throw up - in bed.

Amanda and Allison got Chris to come help. The whole group started picking up the dishes and food, even rinsing stuff and loading the dishwasher. The living room and dining room were immaculate by the time I came downstairs. And then the 6 women left (but not a hasty retreat; just a "we should go so you can deal with your sick child and it was time to go anyway" departure).

Do you have friends who will clean up your kitchen in a pinch? I learned last night that I do. Sometimes it's the little things.


  1. Oh no! I thought book club was next Tuesday. Dang it.

    But that's awesome. They are a wonderful group of ladies. I hope he's feeling a little better today!

  2. Theresa gets the credit for suggesting we wash the dishes before we go. She's so thoughtful, and it was a great suggestion. I always feel helpless when I'm around other sick people. I know how to clean up after my own kids, but it's awkward when I want to help others, but don't know what to do. I'll have to tell you about the sewing lesson I had during which a builder who was working on my teacher's kitchen floor tore into his arm with an electric saw. Yeah, that was a pleasant day. Anyway, I do hope your boys recover soon. You need a break!


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