Friday, February 11, 2011

Some really cool renewable energy projects

Just because I thought these were cool, I will share:

SolarWind bridge. Awesome use of space! And it's pretty. I like that this is useful and artistic.

And related, here are two links to solar roads. What a great use of roadways. DoE contract (2009) and Oregon solar highway (2008)

And if you've driven up I-65 to Chicago recently, you are sure to have seen the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm there. Here's a fact sheet about the installation.

And in the realm of home wind power, I love the Jellyfish wind turbine. Clarian seems to really be working on the affordable home market. With solar too.

I know there are many many examples of great projects. Feel free to share in the comments because I love reading about things like this.

Really, energy sources don't have to be all or nothing, one size fits all. National Geographic has had some great articles on an efficient, integrated grid for the whole country that would use renewable energy such that places that produce a lot of solar or wind power could share it with the rest of the country. (The interactive map is really neat.)

Some NG links:
Home energy
Solar power
More solar energy
21st Century grid

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