Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kickstart Chris's project!

Chris's first film was entirely self-funded by us. It made a bit of a dent in our pocketbook, so for his next film (he is making 3 short films for his final degree project), we decided to take a stab at using to raise some of the money.

Filming for Project Z-6463 is set for mid-May, so he is trying to raise $900 by May 1st. More about the project can be found here, at his Kickstarter project page, which was just launched today.

How does Kickstarter work? you ask. Well, here are the basics.

Kickstarter is a website that helps raise funding for creative projects. The creator of the project decides how much money they think they need and a deadline to raise it by. If the goal is reached by the deadline, they receive the amount raised (which can be more than their goal). If the goal is not reached, no money changes hands.

How can you pledge to this or any other Kickstarter project?

  • First, you need a free Kickstarter account. you need an account because they need a way to keep track of who is pledging how much. 
  • Payments are made through Amazon payments accounts, so you also need one of those (if you don't have one, they walk you through setting one up when you pledge). 
  • They do a good job of explaining why and how in their FAQ.
Why should you pledge? Well, you really don't have to, but we would really appreciate not breaking the bank. If you do pledge, you will see that there are several rewards you can receive, depending on your commitment level, just like if you pledge to PBS or NPR. The very basic reward, for a low $10 pledge, is a copy of the completed movie on DVD (both 2D and 3D versions.) Think of this as a way to prepay for something you might like to see. If you always dreamed of having a movie credit, there are a limited number of opportunities to become an Executive Producer, with a $100 pledge. Take a look and see if any of the rewards are something you would be interested in. Once again, if you would like to find out more about his project (it's the zombie mime script for those who have been waiting since the Script Development Series readings), you can find it here.

While you are at Kickstarter, you may want to look around and see if there are any other projects you would like to back. 

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