Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preschool begins

Wil started preschool today. He had a great time. We took lots of pictures when we dropped him off (they are on the boys' site). He walked into his classroom, started playing and didn't look back. I think he was ready.
His preschool (Noah's Ark) runs from 9-2, which is a long day, but he did well. He ate half his lunch, which is impressive for him. When I got to the school just before 2 to pick him up, I got to see him walking back to his room with his class. They hold a rope to make a chain. He was smiling and holding on and seemed to be enjoying himself.
His class and the other 2 year old class get together a few times during the day for music, movie and play times. That's good, because one of his friends is in the other class. Today they watched Dora and Boots (according to Wil). More information reveals it was a Dora episode about blueberries. That ties in with the color they learned today, blue.
In his backpack were the things he did today: a coloring sheet about the color blue, a coloring sheet about the Bible story "Jesus loves the children," a bear he colored and then his teacher pasted together on a sheet of construction paper (his class is the Bouncing Bears), and a sheet with the names of all the kids in his class written in balloons.
There was also a letter to the parents letting us know that his teacher is leaving - Thursday is her last day. I met his new teacher at pick-up. In the brief moment we spoke, she seems fine. Hopefully she will send a letter of introduction home.
Wil was ready to go home but not anxiously waiting when I picked him up. I think he's ready to go back on Thursday. This has been a positive first day, which is what we wanted.

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