Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part of being a mom

There are lots of challenges to raising kids, but I've been thinking lately about a couple of things, so here goes.
There is so much concern right now about childhood obesity, but having a child at the opposite end is also hard. I don't think people appreciate the difficulty of a child who doesn't like to eat and prefers liquid calories. He's consistently below the 3rd percentile and we have him in for weight checks every 3 months or so. I can't force him to eat.
I can offer food until I'm blue in the face, but he'll eat when he wants. So when he had 2 bites of a Wendy's hamburger yesterday for lunch, I was thrilled! Four bites is a lot for him, actually more than he eats in an entire day sometimes. He had a couple of bites of peanut butter and jelly today and told me it was yummy! This is a good streak and I hope it continues, because we get worried about him.
The other thing I've been thinking about is c-sections. I never went into labor with Wil. We chose a c-section when we discovered at 39 weeks that he was breech, knowing that it was likely given my circumstances that we would end up having one. With Sam, I went into labor the day before his scheduled c-section. While all babies are different, I wonder if anyone has done research on c-sections after labor. Would planned c-sections be less controversial if they were not pre-scheduled but waited until labor began? Does it make a difference? While I can't change things, it just makes me wonder if Wil would be different if I had gone into labor.
Wondering and trying to do the best you can are part of being a mom. Or dad. Chris gets just as worried about the boys.

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