Monday, July 20, 2009

Obey all traffic rules

One of the things I enjoy doing when someone is tailgating and being a jerk behind me is to obey the traffic rules. I got to do that this morning with the SUV driving up my rear on 2-lane Smith (with no passing zones due to hills). Think he was annoyed at actually going 30 mph, but that is the posted speed limit. And I'm sure he was irked at my full and complete stop at Moore's Pike, but a stop sign does mean stop and not roll through slowly....
Actually, that is what you are supposed to do when someone tailgates. The drivers ed text book response is to slow down to give both you and the other vehicle plenty of time to stop. So my enjoyment is just a bonus to following the rules.

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  1. Ha! I do the very same thing! I usually drive about 5 mph over the speed limit in town (10 on backroads). But when someone tailgaits me, I drive exactly the speed limit. No more, no less. =)


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