Sunday, July 26, 2009

My baby is growing up

Tomorrow is Sam's 1st birthday. It's bittersweet, as was Wil's first birthday, because I'm both happy and sad he's turning 1.
The first birthday is the first! It's a big deal. He's doing so many fun things and learning something new every day. I love that he's becoming more independent and can do so many things for himself. I can't wait until he starts walking so I don't have to carry him everywhere, and he's so close! He's been tentatively taking a step or two for the last couple of days. Every new stage is fun. I've really enjoyed each stage so far with both boys (despite the challenges).
But it's sad because my baby is growing up! He's never going to be this little again. He's slowly growing away from me as he becomes more independent. That's as it should be. Overall, there's more happy than sad, which is also as it should be.
So, happy 1st birthday, Sam!

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  1. Well written Mommy. I feel what you're writing, just in a Daddy is different way.


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