Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things

  Yes, we would love to add solar panels or a Jellyfish, but our budget just won't allow right now. Yes, we would save money in the long run, but start up costs are currently prohibitive. 
What can and do we do?
Here's a simple investment in solar/wind energy that paid off the first year, with a total investment of about $15:
Yes, we've changed almost every bulb in the house:
And for $35, we got a programmable thermostat, which is set at 68, with a bump to 70 for 2 hours in the morning for winter heat. For summer, we'll experiment to see what works well, but our usual was 80, with an occasional drop to 78.
 (NB: I forgot to rotate the image and am too lazy to do it now and this is the temperature with no heat/air and some windows open today.)
There are other, bigger, things we've done and more we'll do, but I was thinking about how much energy we've saved as I was hanging out that load of laundry today.

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