Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are you up for a challenge?

After reading the National Geographic article "The Global Food Crisis: The End of Plenty," Chris and I have decided to challenge ourselves for the month of June. Here's our challenge: 
Can we move to a less meat diet by only eating meat once a week for 30 days? 
This will be tough, especially in grilling season and since Chris doesn't like many vegetables, but there are lots of veggie options we can still do. Examples include beans and rice, bean burritos, grilled cheese, cheese pizza and pasta. 
Obviously, we won't solve any major problems by ourselves, but moving down the food chain is actually a very environmentally friendly thing to do. We're never going to be vegetarians, but maybe we can lessen our impact. (I did learn all this years ago as part of my Environmental Science degree. So, this is not new, just becoming more critical.)
So, anyone want to join our challenge?


  1. I think Americans tend to be uncreative with our vegetable recipes because they're usually just a side dish. Other cuisines put them front and center, and make them wonderful!

    Indian and Thai food have become stables for me, and both feature really great vegetable dishes. *LOTS* of tasty options for vegetarian cooking!

  2. The hard part is that Chris is extremely unadventurous in his eating. Being risky involves adding spinach to his burger. Although I am looking for new easy recipes, so if you know some, point the way! :)


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