Monday, April 27, 2009

Late to bed, early to rise....

So Sam is an early riser. How did we get so cursed - I mean lucky? 
The boys used to go to bed at 7:30 (Sam) and 8:00 (Wil), then sleep until at least 7:00, if not 8:00. Here's how the last week or two has gone:
7:30 - Sam's not ready for bed. He screams if we put him in bed.
8:00 - We get Sam in bed, thinking all is not lost. Wil gets his 15 minute warning.
8:10 - Sam starts screaming.
8:30 - Sam still screams (note that he doesn't cry, he screams) when we put him down, but we try to outlast him.
8:40 - We give in and get him out of bed, try to get Wil into bed, and fail miserably because he won't go to sleep while Sam is up. He lays in bed for 3 minutes, gets up and stands at the gate, occasionally calling down, "Night night, Daddy. Night night, Mommy. Want milk. Want downstairs." This repeats several times as we either 1) try to leave him long enough that he will fall asleep or go back to his room on his own, both of which have happened in the past, or 2) give him a drink and put him back in bed.
9:00 - If we are lucky, Sam finally falls asleep.
9:30 - If we are lucky, Wil finally falls asleep. If not, he might be up until 10:00, when we wanted to go to sleep.
Here's the kicker: we can't go to sleep until Wil is out because he thinks it's fun and game time and climbs into bed with us - and climbs on us. He likes to jump on us, mess with the stuff on the headboard, etc. 
The rest of the night isn't much better. Sam usually wakes up crying, which will quickly turn to screaming if he is ignored, at least once if not four times (like last night). And then he gets up early. Most days it has been 6:30-6:45. The earliest has been 5:45. And he won't go back to sleep. All I ask is 7:00, but no. I can't wait until he can get up on his own and go play until breakfast.
On rare occasion, we get some sleep, but not nearly enough. 

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