Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kids = worry

I took Wil to the doctor today because I thought he might have an ear infection. Since he was sick last week and had started poking his ears, along with not sleeping well, it was a distinct possibility. Turns out his ears are fine but his molars are starting to come in, which is causing the discomfort in his ears. Good news.
Here's where having kids means stress: he lost a couple of ounces in weight over the last 2 or 3 months. He's always been small, usually holding at the 3% line on the weight charts. As long as he was steady and gaining, there wasn't much to do but watch and try to get him to eat. He doesn't eat much. 
It's a constant struggle because you can't force him to eat, which would only make matters worse if it would work. Losing a few ounces may be due to being sick and teething, so we are going to get him weighed again in 2 weeks. If he isn't gaining again, the doctor is going to do a 'failure to thrive' screening, which involves blood work, etc, to see if there is a problem with his thyroid or anything else. 
She's been keeping an eye on his weight and we get him weighed every few months, but it is very worrying. Making food an issue is bad because it is one of the few things he can control. Getting him to eat is tricky. About 2 weeks ago, he started telling us when he's hungry (not often) which is a start. That he is recognizing the sensation is good. I just hope there is nothing wrong and we can get him to eat. At this rate, Sam is going to weigh more than Wil before we know it. 

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