Monday, February 16, 2009

Status report

So here's a status report:
The boys are both sick. They spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, giving us a much needed break and a full night of sleep. But, they came home with colds, which probably had been brewing for a few days. They are miserable today with runny noses. 
We watched Schindler's List Saturday. I know, great pick for Valentine's Day, but it was sitting over our heads. We got it from Netflix around Thanksgiving. And it's long enough that it was tough to watch after the boys were in bed. We did go out to Lennie's for a meatball sandwich for dinner.
We are getting better at veggies. Between soups and salads, we've been eating more vegetables than we had been. Kroger makes really good heat and eat chili and soups. The tomato soup is really good - perfect with grilled cheese. 
We are also trying to plan a menu a few days in advance so we don't have the inevitable "what should we make for dinner" followed by junk because we have nothing ready. Tonight is homemade pizza. Tomorrow is Hamburger Helper. Wednesday is pasta. We haven't planned Thursday yet. We're also trying to eat more economically, since the grocery bill has been horrendous lately. Lots of pasta, beans and rice, etc.
Since it is mid-February, I've been thinking about the garden we are planning. We need to plot it out and decide what to grow. We have some time before we can plant, but in the next few months we can start prepping.
Chris was up very early today for more filming. Just a few more days and hopefully they can get everything filmed. 
Update: The pizza was awesome. We'll have to do that again.

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