Thursday, February 19, 2009


So things seem to fall into place for sometimes. Do I send out good vibes to get things back? Don't know.
I just found out yesterday, from emails that all my access had been removed and that my IU email was being deleted, that I no longer have my part-time work from home hourly job. I figured as much since funding had run out around Thanksgiving and I hadn't heard the outcome of budget talks after almost 3 months. 
Earlier this week, I heard from the gentleman I used to ship books for that he is going to need someone again, starting in March or April. The woman I found to replace me when I left last spring is going to be leaving town. 
Cards are falling into place if I can work out details of a schedule that will work and figure out how to work it with both boys. Sam will be easy since he can play in the Pack 'N' Play like Wil did at that age. Wil is going to be tricky since he will want to run around. Maybe I can use the corral. 
All this on top of the IU work starting last spring when I was pregnant and finding the book packing difficult to do, with heavy boxes and a lot of bending and lifting. The timing then was really good. The timing here is pretty good too. I wouldn't have been up to doing books over the winter with Sam still really little.
So, once again, things fall into place just when I need them to. My goal is to make enough each month to pay for Wil's preschool next fall.

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