Monday, April 11, 2016

Pocketses: style and function

Women's clothing rarely comes with functional pockets these days. Most women I know have complained (probably at least weekly) about this frustrating truth. It's like designers hate women.

Actually, it's probably more that they don't think pockets (function) can co-exist with fashion (style). Because pockets would ruin the lines of the garment. Apparently.

Of course, my not-hanger-shaped body probably ruins the lines of the garment since clothes never look the same on than off.

But then there's the jacket. The gorgeous leather jacket found at Vintage Vogue (an upscale Goodwill). The jacket that is way cooler than I've ever been.

Photo of me in an Etienne Aigner leather jacket
The jacket
The jacket is an Etienne Aigner, apparently a well-known designer/design house.

It has pockets. Lots and lots of pockets.

photo of the hidden second outer pocket on the Etienne Aigner leather jacket
The "secret" pocket
photo of the visible outer pocket on the Etienne Aigner leather jacket
The marked pocket
I owned the jacket for months before I realized that each side had 2 pockets. 

I probably used them all, but didn't realize that, along with the "marked" pocket (image on the left), there is another "hidden" pocket closer to the front (image on the right). And they are both deep, fully functional pockets

That's 2 functional pockets on each side. Four pockets! That actually fit hands, phones, and wallets. Because I've put all those things in the pockets, sometimes at the same time because I can. Because there are 4 outer pockets!

And then there's the inside pocket. Men may not realize, since this is a common feature of men's jackets, but I rarely find a women's jacket with an inside pocket. It's just the right size for a smart phone.

photo of the inside breast pocket on the Etienne Aigner leather jacket
The inside pocket

All in all, there are 5, yes 5, pockets on this jacket. And not just 5 pockets, but 5 functional, useful pockets. And the jacket is still beautiful. Even better, I feel awesome when I wear this jacket.

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