Saturday, October 10, 2015

A fitting nightmare

I welcomed the alarm clock this morning, even though it was an hour earlier than normal, on a dark Saturday when I could sleep in. I welcomed the alarm because it woke me from a nightmare.

And what a sad, sad nightmare. Was anyone in danger? No. Were there scary monsters? Nope. Spiders? Sorry, this wasn't one of my recurring spider nightmares. What was so scary?

Bad UX.

I know. I have pathetic nightmares, but I suppose this might be a sign I'm headed in the right direction.

Because my nightmare involved trying to fill in a web form. The worst web form imaginable. Where it randomly bumped me to a new field in the middle of filling out another. And pop-up video ads would play when I tried to return to the field to finish filling it out. Where the form required information that was totally unnecessary for the purpose.

My dream-self was in tears trying to complete this form.

And then the radio turned on, waking Chris for a busy day of piping. And relieving me from my dreamland torment.

And as a reward for reading about my nightmare, here is a picture of a sleeping cat.

Photo of black cat sleeping.
Ciaran sleeping

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