Sunday, April 19, 2015

Walking for the homeless

Today was the 13th Annual Homeward Bound 5K Walk. We haven't walked every year, but we try to do it when we can.

This year, we walked with the boys. They've been on the walk before, in the stroller or the wagon, but this is the first year they've walked with us.

Chris and the boys following the other walk participants in the rain.
A rainy walk.

Today is a yucky, rainy day. A lot of people seem to have stayed home, skipping the walk, this year. There really weren't nearly as many people as in years past.

When I saw the weather, I admit the thought did cross my mind that we could just stay home, where we'd be dry. Getting soaked and dealing with whiny kids isn't the most appealing thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Before heading out, I sent this tweet:

screenshot of tweet: Kind of fitting weather for the Homeward Bound walk. Not everyone has a comfortable place to be inside on a day like today. #teachingmoment

Several other people at the walk made the same observation.

But people without homes don't have that luxury. People living in their cars or on the street don't always have a nice, warm, dry place to go when it rains.

Walking with the boys is a teaching moment. Walking with them in the rain was an even bigger one. Yes, they whined. We only walked about 2 miles (out of approximately 3ish) of the walk. But we committed to doing the walk so we did it.

We created a team for the walk and were hoping to raise $100. We only reached $40. Donations will be accepted for a few more days. If you would like to help some organizations in the Bloomington area that assist those experiencing homelessness, there is still time.

Our team page is Grandview Hills and Friends.

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