Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cosplaying Lady Sybil

I love Downton Abbey. (Who doesn't?) 

How do geeks show their love of things? Well, some of us by cosplaying. 

So I decided to make a Downton Abbey style costume for Gen Con. I'm sort of cosplaying Lady Sybil, although I don't have the mad skillz to make a costume like one of the outfits from the show. 

My skill level requires a pattern, preferably an easy one. Finding early 1920s style patterns was a bust (the few I found were authentic, thus beyond my skill level). Searching for first season era (1912-1914) I had more luck. Working with Simplicity pattern 8399, I made this:

My Edwardian style dress.
I chose the colors and fabrics based on what I could find and colors that suit me, but I also liked that the colors and the ribbon evoke, at least for me, Lady Sybil's harem pants, one of my favorite of her outfits.

Since I had plenty of fabric left over, I decided to make a reticule. I'll need to carry my wallet and phone around the convention all, and this is the appropriate way to do so.

A reticule, to carry my stuff.
 I can't wear high heels anymore, so period style shoes were out. I seriously considered just wearing my running shoes, opting for comfort, until I found these on sale, inexpensive, and comfortable shoes.

Comfort is important when you'll be on your feet all day.
 And, with my current short 'do, I needed something a little longer. I found a $10 wig at the local costume shop and styled it. Here is my husband modeling it. He allowed me to use his head while he played an online game. I'm quite pleased with how the styling turned out.

A very Sybil-esque style, I think.
I'll take pictures in full costume next Saturday at Gen Con. 


  1. Nice. And I have to say your skills are way beyond mine. No pattern in the world could help me make something that rad.
    Well done you!

  2. The dress turned out great, and I love the style of the wig. I wish I could do that with my own hair, but definitely don't have the skills to pull that off without some help. Bravo!

    1. It was tough styling the wig, partly because it's cheap so I had to hide the netting. It was definitely much easier doing it on someone else's head than on my own. :)


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