Friday, June 28, 2013

The trip that wasn't

We had planned to go to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari today.

It was going to be a fun day trip.

It didn't happen.

We're sitting at home today, the boys grounded in their room (other than bathroom and meal breaks), instead of enjoying the sun, water and rides.

Yesterday wasn't really any worse than any other day. they had moments where they were pretty good and moments when they didn't listen. And they just pushed it too far.

We've tried sending them to their rooms, taking away privileges like tv time, putting toys in time out. Nothing seems to make an impression. And last night was just the final straw.

Not listening. Laughing when they got in trouble. Purposefully poking at me to annoy me. And that's just the part after Sam spent time in their room in time out.

They went to their room. And promptly came out.

I locked their door. They tried to open it.

I told them it was locked. They started banging on it, trying harder to open it.

They went to bed early, after being told they had lost their fun day today and would be grounded all day. They cried.

This morning, we reminded them they were grounded. Sam asked when they would be ungrounded, because he had thought about their bad behavior (good for him!). Wil reminded him that they were grounded all day, frowning, but not complaining.

I think a day in their room with no toys, only themselves and books, is making an impression. And it's something we can remind them of in the future. I don't like having to do this, but the disrespectful behavior has got to stop and nothing else has worked.

I really hope we don't need to repeat this, because it's a pain for us too. And I wanted to go to Holiday World.


  1. Sorry to hear your family is having a rough few days. HUGE kudos to you for holding your ground.

    1. I think all the time together, with no break from each other, is starting to show. They just feed off each other, getting in more trouble. The breaking point was really when they tried to break the door down rather than have a time out in their room. Karma: they then had to spend an entire day in that room.

  2. Sometimes, we just have to make the bad decisions. I agree with Chris above. Kudos to you.

    1. I meant to say "hard decisions". I don't think it was a bad decision on your part, at all.

    2. lol. Yeah, it was a long day. They behaved relatively well considering the confinement and boredom. A few spats, but that was to be expected. They even asked to go to bed early so the day could be over.


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