Thursday, May 23, 2013

A conversation out of the blue

The boys were sitting at the table this evening, enjoying a bit of dessert, when out of the blue:

Sam: Girls can come to our house but not in our room.

Wil: They can't play with our Angry Birds.

Sam: We should put them in our room so they won't play with them.

Wil: Yeah.

No girls allowed zone

I'm not sure where the conversation came from, but it was interesting.

First, I'm glad they solved the problem on their own of what to do with toys they didn't want to share. Thinking about what would upset them and how to prevent that from happening takes a little foresight. Next week it might be a different toy, but they now have a solution that they came up with.

Second, I'm glad they are agreed girls can come over to play. They are at an age where girl and boy are suddenly becoming an issue. Wil refuses to go in the 'girl' aisles at the store, even though some of this favorite toys, like My Little Pony, are there. There's recognition of girls as people, and people who might be interesting and fun, in being agreeable to having girls over. Hopefully they'll just recognize friends without worrying about if they are girls or boys in a few years.

Third, I almost laughed thinking of implementing a rule like this in a few years when they are teenagers. Digging this post up when they're older could be loads of fun.

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