Friday, April 5, 2013

Our radio presets

We had to have the head gasket replaced on our car this week. Replacing the head gasket pretty much involves taking the whole engine apart. Apparently the electricity is also disconnected. (I'm not a mechanic; I have no idea what they do.)

So, when we picked up the car after its time in the shop, the radio presets had to be reset.

Taking the time to reprogram the presets reminded us of the pattern we used to program them in the first place. It's a system we like and makes sense.

What do we have programmed?

1: 91.3 WFHB (public radio)
2: 92.3 WTTS (independent radio, "world class rock")
3: 103.7 WFIU (NPR)
4: 104.5 WJJK(Indianapolis, classic hits)
5: 105.5 WQRK(Bedford oldies station)

Do you see the pattern? Hint: look at the number before the decimal.

Yep, not only do the stations happen to be in numerical order. They are also matched to the preset number.

Are we strange? Probably. But we're strange together.

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