Friday, March 8, 2013

Please stop knocking

Six and a half years ago, when I was about seven month pregnant with my first son, I spent a night in insomnia hell. As any woman who has been pregnant knows, at that point sleep is not easy to begin with. Add a song that just won't stop playing in your head.... Well, here's the story.

September 2006
10 weeks until baby
I wake after a (very) few hours of sleep with "Knock Three Times" stuck in my head.
I can't fall back to sleep because it just keeps playing: "Knock three times on the ceiling if you wanna dance. Twice on the pipe means the answer is no."
Hours later... The song is finally out of my head. Unfortunately, it has been replaced by "Tie a Yellow Ribbon." Damn you Tony Orlando and Dawn.
I did eventually fall back to sleep, but I was exhausted.

Every time I hear those songs, I remember that sleepless night.

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