Monday, June 25, 2012

Swimming lessons

The boys started swimming lessons last week. They are both in the beginner class, which teaches basics like blowing bubbles.

They are both making progress - slow, but progress. Sam is game to try floating on his back and putting his arms out in front of him holding a floaty. Wil is a little more reluctant, but has been trying. He actually volunteered last week when the floaty was first brought out!

Today Wil had a little set-back. He got water in his eyes. He hates getting water in his eyes. Even in the tub (yep, bath time can be fun). So today we stopped and picked up goggles on the way home. I bought goggles for both boys, since Sam decided he liked them too, but I'm hoping they will help Wil feel more comfortable.

We have 3 more lessons. My goal is really just for them to feel comfortable in the water and gain basic skills. We'll definitely do more lessons next year. We may sign them up for the final session in late July/early August this year.

Things to practice at home: have them put their heads back when they take baths, get Wil used to his eyes getting wet, try to float on backs (with head on my shoulder) if we go to the pool, and try to get them on their tummies kicking if we go to the pool.

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  1. When I was a kid, I *hated* getting water in my eyes. In the bath, I used a big, round SCUBA-style mask rather than goggles, since those get a better seal around the eyes. At the pool, peer pressure and simple expedience eventually got me out of the habit of using a mask/goggles. (Though I use goggles now whenever I swim at the gym-- I just can't take the chlorine.)


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