Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laundry made easy

Laundry never ends. That's just a fact of life. I don't have a particular laundry day, which works great for us. I just throw a load in when one needs washing. It can take all day by the time I remember to put it in the dryer (or for it to dry on the line when the weather is nice), but that's ok.

We came up with a system that makes it very easy. We have 2 hampers in our room, one for delicates and one for regulars.

Delicates go in the lavender, regulars in the green.

We don't have enough whites for a separate load, and I don't usually sort lights and darks unless I have a bunch of new clothes. Really, it doesn't matter. The boys have a basket in their room for their clothes. Theirs just all get done as a regular load (if they do have something delicate, like rare dressy clothes, they go in the hamper in our room.)

Here's where the genius of this system comes into play: I only do a load when a hamper is full. Everything is pre-sorted, so I don't waste time on that task. I usually don't have multiple loads to do on any given day.

As for sheets and towels, I do those in between.

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