Thursday, December 2, 2010

Monsters on the moon

Wil has a wonderfully inventive imagination at times. (Other times he is very rigid, like getting upset when Sam colors a banana purple.) He has told us several times that monsters live on the moon; the other night he saw the telescope, which isn't set up at the moment, and got excited about looking at the monsters on the moon. I ran to grab the digital recorder to capture the moment.


Wil: Yeah, the monsters live on moon up in sky. So you're gonna need get the telescope so I can look at the moon very far away in the sky.

Me: How did the monsters get on the moon?

Wil: They found spaceships then flew up to the moon.

Me: What do they do up there?

Wil: They were trying find food.

Me: They were trying to find food? What kind of food?

Wil: They were trying find.... berries!

Me: Berries on the moon, wow. Are there lots of berries on the moon?

Wil: Yeah, but (can't understand what he said) on the moon. But you're gonna need get telescope for me and look at the moon.

Me: We'll have to have Daddy make the telescope work and then we can look at the moon. Do you like looking at the moon?

Wil: Yeah.

Me: Tell me more about the monsters on the moon.

Wil: Well, they were trying to find a roof, but there wasn't a roof. They need go inside the moon and see if there was a roof. But we just have roof, but not the moon. (Sam made noise... ) scary.

Me: It's scary? It's scary on the moon?

Wil: Yeah, because we might see monsters. (I think that's what he said. Sam was making a lot of noise.)

Me: Is anyone else up on the moon?

Wil: No, just the monsters.

Me: Just the monsters? Do the monsters ever leave the moon or do they just like to live there?

Wil: They like to live there.

Me: So if you see a monster do you tell them they need to go home to the moon?

Wil: Yeah... But he won't because he might get me and take me away and fly up to the moon.

Me: I don't think they're going to take you up to the moon.

Wil: But they might see me and take me up to the moon.

Then he got distracted, although he remembered to ask about the telescope again. I might just have to try my hand at a children's story. And I would love ideas for assuaging his worry about monsters taking him to the moon.

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  1. So cute! You should definitely turn this into a book! The boys can help you illustrate. =)


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