Monday, September 27, 2010

Stretch time

Chris and I have really decided to lose weight and get in better shape. My plan for this year fell through: I was going to work out while both boys were in school, but since Sam is not going to school, I needed to find an alternative. I'd still like to go to the gym, but that will take planning and coordination to find someone to watch the boys.

On to plan B. We started using an app on our iPhones to keep track of calories and help us pay attention to what we are eating. The app is LoseIt! and I really like that you enter what you eat and exercise you do. It's a tool to raise awareness - I can eat anything, but it shows me how much of my daily calorie budget I've used (a budget set by my weight loss goals). And it really reinforces that if I want to eat more, I need to exercise more. Yep, the key to weight loss isn't some fancy diet; it's consuming fewer calories than you expend.

I also downloaded a couple of apps to help me exercise. I found 2 yoga ones. While I haven't used them much (I just downloaded them yesterday), they have some nice workouts that I can do. And I found a 5-minute ab workout and the Sprint GPS app for when I walk. I haven't tried the ab workout, but 5 minutes sounds about right. I started using the GPS app today; it uses GPS to track how far and fast I walk.

I'm really motivated to make this work. Especially after doing part of a yoga routine today. I made it through about 30 minutes and realized how not limber I am. It has been a number of years since I did yoga regularly and it shows.

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