Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A hard lesson

Wil is learning a hard lesson today. Hopefully Sam will learn some too.

The boys have not been behaving well recently, running off, disobeying, not listening, etc. Today Wil earned his 3rd train for potty training. So off we went to the book store to pick up Percy.

They did a very nice job playing... until I told them it was time to go. Then they both ran off in opposite directions. Once I corralled them and got them to the register, Wil politely put Percy on the counter and Sam ran off again. And of course when I went to get Sam, Wil decided it was a good idea to run off as well.

This is typical of what they have been like lately. It's worse when we are trying to get in the car and one of them darts off, usually Sam, into a parking lot. I just don't have enough hands to always hold both of theirs, and they take advantage of those few seconds while I fumble for keys, open a door, whatever.

So the hard lesson: we walked out of the store without Percy and Wil has to earn him again. I am also taking away a toy of Sam's although I haven't decided which one yet. It needs to be one with impact.

I feel bad that Wil cried on the way home and is now mad at me, but I'm mad at both of them. This is not acceptable behavior and it needs to stop. If this is how I get their attention, then that's the way it has to be.

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  1. Good for you, Meagan! Maybe you'll have to make them both wear a backbpack/leash until they learn that it's not okay to run off (or until the "fun" of it wears off). Stick with it... While it may be hard now, you'll thank yourself later! =)


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