Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tonight is Wil's preschool end of year program. His class is singing one song. The play will be done by the pre-K class, which will also be 'graduating'.

Both grandmas and one grandpa will be coming to see the program (and have dinner) tonight. Unfortunately, Grandpa Tom has to work tonight. To some people, my mom driving 3 hours and my in-laws driving down from Indy to hear a grandson sing one song might be peculiar. But it will mean something to Wil that his grandparents were there. He doesn't really get that it's a long way for them to come. But he's excited they'll be there.

These are the moments that build the memories that last a lifetime. I remember my grandparents coming to concerts and shows. Granted, it was easy for my grandparents, living 20 minutes away.

I'm glad our kids have grandparents who are a big part of their lives. They love going to grandma and grandpa's house for the weekend (doesn't matter which, they love going to both sets.)

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