Sunday, January 31, 2010

Doubles puking

The boys decided to try a new sport tonight - doubles puking.

Here are our tweets from after clean-up:

9:10 Wil: crying, says "I'm sick!" then proceeds to puke on the floor & in the tub. 9:15 Sam starts crying then pukes in his bed.

Just had stereo puking from Wil & Sam. A thing of gross glory it was. Cleanup complete and boys re-settled. Parents still in shellshock.

Hopefully it's short-lived and they don't have any problems through the rest of the night. Wil was very upset he threw up on the floor (he's neat-nick) so we told him if he felt like throwing up again, he should try to get to the tub. Really, we weren't mad, but he thought we would be. That's what carpet cleaners are for. 

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