Sunday, March 8, 2009

March has come in like a lamb

It was near 80 yesterday, after several days in the 60's and a few more nice days ahead. Yes, we're supposed to get some rain, but this is fabulous March weather - much better than more snow!
The boys and I have been enjoying lots of walks outside, a few trips to the park, and no snowsuits! It is amazing how much faster we get out of the house when I don't have to bundle everyone up. 
Sam tried his first ice cream yesterday. He seemed to kind of like it (I even gave him a little chocolate ice cream, bad mommy). Wil still isn't so sure, although he tried some of Chris's blast. Maybe because that came on a spoon as opposed to trying to lick a cone. 
We've had a few cranky days lately, probably from not sleeping well. When Wil seems to just need to cry, I've taken a page from Ramla's book and I set him on his bed and tell him he can cry if he needs to. When he's done, he comes down and finds me. The trick is to not make it a punishment but just a comforting place for him to cry, calm down, relax. We've only done it a few times, but he seems to get the idea.
Sam is getting better at army crawling and is still trying to crawl on his knees. He's going to get it soon. Meanwhile, he has emotionally outgrown the bouncy seat and jumperoo, so they have been added to the garage sale pile. Lots of baby stuff will be going away when we have our sale this spring/summer.

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